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Vehicle Inspection

Frank Leimbach

Is vehicle data safety relevant?


Head of Technical Affairs
How do neutral testing organizations obtain independent access to relevant vehicle data? Since DEKRA will not be able to perform its official mandate of monitoring vehicle safety in the future without this data.

Connected vehicles are characterized by increasing numbers of sensor systems and automated driving functions. In the future, these functions will be expanded during the vehicle’s life cycle by over-the-air software updates. DEKRA has launched the Trust Center initiative in order to gain independent access to in -vehicle data, so that it can continue to meet its remit in a world of automated vehicles. Especially the individual equipment features – which are constantly changing – have to be documented by an independent body. The specific scope of testing is dependent on the current functions, and should not be determined in advance!

“To perform independent testing, it is essential that the data does not come from the OEM.”

In terms of cyber security, it is also necessary to monitor the driving functions including the associated software versions. The state -regulated data custodian model, which stores all the safety -related and environmental vehicle data historically, is the only way to remain independent of the manufacturers and to fulfill the official mandate in the future, too. DEKRA strongly supports this cause.


Even today, relevant data is sent by the vehicle to the OEM every 2 minutes


Services which already result in data transfer between the OEM and vehicle today