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The team: Tiina Riskila, Juha Kotila, and Juha Ottelin (from L to R).

Juha Kotila

How can DEKRA serve the AM sector?

EOS Finnland OY

Research & Development
To accurately measure the elastic modulus or stiffness in additive manufactured (AM) dental parts, as this has a direct effect on the design of the printed parts.

The measurement of elasticity is extremely important when design – ing and simulating the properties and behavior of 3D printed parts. With DEKRA’s help, EOS Finland – an AM pioneer – found new solutions for reliable and repeatable sample preparation and testing methods while cooperating in a technology project driven by DEKRA.

EOS Finland has had a successful relationship with DEKRA as a laboratory testing service supplier since 2013.

“As a knowledgeable and reliable partner, DEKRA in Turku is always eager to develop their tensile and impact testing methods and sample preparation capabilities to suit the needs of our AM materials,” says Juha Kotila.

Sometimes, the surprising properties of new AM materials make it necessary to explore the possibilities that new tensile test methods offer. The latest edition of the stand – ard concerning metallic materi – als suitable for dental use (EN ISO 22674:2016) allowed new, alternative test methods for modulus of elasticity to be utilized. Project Manager and Team Supervisor Juha Ottelin explains: “DEKRA had the most versatile tensile testing equipment available and was willing to develop their methods to evaluate the suitability of the new test methods. As EOS Finland deals with materials for medical devices, the test method used had to be highly repeatable and reliable in order to draw the right conclusions concerning the performance of the final additive manufactured dental parts. DEKRA accepted the challenge and, together with EOS, success – fully evaluated the suitability of several different test methods for determining the elasticity of AM material against the existing data.”

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Forecasted value for the entire AM product and service sector worldwide in 2020


Industries in which the use of AM is growing: aerospace & aviation, automotive, medical, and manufacturing

Dr. Cem Onus

More efficient auditing?

DEKRA Audits

Managing Director
Use digital processes to help customers calculate, plan, and carry out audits faster.

When it comes to safety, auditing comes into play. Audits help to verify whether companies comply with standards and regulations. This process is still mostly analog. As a first step, DEKRA has now digitized the tendering process. In the first instance, the application relates to the quality management standard EN ISO 9001 and manufacturing companies with up to 250 employees. It was developed with DEKRA personnel and customers in the USA, where it is also currently in the pilot stage. “This is the first step,” explains Dr Cem Onus. He adds: “In the future we will digitize the entire process – from the tendering stage and deployment of the auditors through to invoicing.”

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weeks – the time required to create a qualified audit tender