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Dr Christian Geßner

Environmentally friendly mobility for cities around the world?


General Manager
(Germany, Austria, and Switzerland)
To be able to provide enough electric scooters at the right time and place on a daily basis, so that more people decide to do without their cars and make a contribution to improving air in cities.

Bird, an American transport innovation company, helps to bring environmentally friendly mobility to more than 100 cities around the world with its electric scooters. In six German munici-palities, DEKRA provides support with personnel services. Bird has a vision: offering an environmentally friendly alterna-tive to cars in collaboration with the municipalities, and to help provide a better quality of life in cities. One of the company’s initiatives is to provide e-scooters which can be used via an app. Behind this service is a complex chain of logistics. Bird relies on DEKRA to carry it out efficiently.

“During peak times, DEKRA provides up to 100 of its employees to help us station our e-scooters where they are needed,” explains Dr Christian Geßner.

The employees come from DEKRA Arbeit – a provider of high- quality personnel services in the DEKRA Group. One of their tasks includes, for example, bringing the e-scooters to the service center in the evening. The next morning, they also help to park the scooters – which recharge overnight – again in heavily frequented places in the city. DEKRA managed to impress Bird with two fields of expertise: firstly, the company has been dealing with mobility-related matters for nearly 100 years. Secondly, DEKRA is one of the top ten personnel service provid-ers in Germany. What’s more: for Bird and DEKRA alike, road safety plays an important role. That is why both companies are also in dialog concerning the safety standard for micro-mobility (which includes e-scooters), which DEKRA introduced at the end of 2019.

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Percentage of public space available for cars to drive on (Source: Bird)


The average service life of an e-scooter in years (Source: Bird)