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In North America, regulations for vehicle inspections vary from state to state and sometimes from county to county. 

The global number one in vehicle inspections now operates safety and emission check stations in seven U.S. states. Following the latest acquisition in January 2020, DEKRA has entered the market of emission tests in the state of New Mexico. Having performed state-mandated emis-sion tests in the neighboring states of Texas and Nevada, as well as in other U.S. states, for years, DEKRA is bringing its global experience and expertise to New Mexico. Not only do emission test regula-tions vary from state to state, they also vary from country to country around the globe. DEKRA experts in 17 countries perform mandatory emission tests according to the specific regulations that apply there.

Alongside emission checks on the cars on the world’s roads today, DEKRA’s expertise is also in demand in terms of future regulations.


DEKRA performs vehicle emission tests in countries around the globe
DEKRA inspection stations in the U.S.
10 Safety and emission checks
62 Emission checks
Emission measurement technologies are continuously being developed further, in step with the development of vehicle technology. After all, it is essential to make sure that the benefits gained through technical innovation and progress are maintained throughout the whole life cycle of a vehicle. DEKRA experts demonstrated the equipment used both in type approval, i.e. before a vehicle is allowed to be sold, and later, when the vehicles are in use on the roads, at a conference of high-ranking UN decision-makers in Geneva in February, 2020. Seeing these technologies and what they are able to do can help decision-makers in drawing up regulations for future emission checks on new vehicle models, as wells as those on the roads. As the world’s number one in vehicle inspections, DEKRA is committed to contributing its expertise for clean air and health protection.