DEKRA Annual Report 2019 – 2020

Since its founding in 1925, DEKRA has been ensuring safety. At first, attention was focused on technical safety – primarily in the automotive sector. Now, as the largest unlisted expert organization, DEKRA has expanded its activities into many diverse aspects of daily life “on the road, at work, and at home”. In addition to analog functional safety, DEKRA is also fully committed to digital security in a networked world – on five continents. This is because there is no limit to safety. With the reorganization introduced in 2019, we can better exploit the strengths of the DEKRA Group with a view to the wide range of opportunities that digitalization offers. Whether it’s an online monitoring system for predictive maintenance or a groundbreaking cloud solution for improving the safety of elevators – our industrial customers are safe with DEKRA. Or the big issue of cyber security. In a networked world, it is impossible to conceive of this without considering the functional safety of products.

We pool our expertise with that of external experts here. The aim is to protect customers, such as car manufacturers, reliably against cyber attacks. And finally, artificial intelligence (AI). We will also use this to increase people’s safety. In New Zealand, our software experts have already developed a prototype of a self-learning AI system. With its help, in the future we will be able to predict the probability of failure of vehicle components with a high degree of accuracy, for example. When it comes to new safety questions in the context of digitalization, we are Thoughtleaders. We impress here with our quality, advanced solutions, and strong customer orientation. DEKRA thereby fulfills its statutory function – of ensuring technical safety – today as in the past, both in the analog and digital world.