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Sam Zeng

Protecting people and the environment?

Wanhua Chemical Group CO., LTD.

General Manager
(DEKRA China Process Safety & Organizational Reliability)
To establish a health, safety, and environment (HSE) management system that can be used at Wanhua Chemical sites in China and overseas.

Especially in production halls, a pronounced safety culture is indispensable. This is true worldwide – and also in China.

The Wanhua Chemical plant in Ningbo has the highest capacity for manufacturing MDI worldwide: 1.2 million tons.

Scientific and technological innovation has always been central to Wanhua Chemical’s competitiveness. Through research and development, it has mastered a number of key tech ­ nologies in the field of advanced chemical materials such as MDI and TDI technologies. MDI and TDI are materials used in the production of polyurethane (PU). Polyurethane is widely used in a huge variety of industries including automotive, furniture, rail transit, adhesives, coatings, and waterproof and protective products. Wanhua Chemical’s range has been expanded from a single product (MDI) to include polyurethane, petrochemicals, and fine chemicals. “The number of devices, processes as well as the types and scale of products is increasing at an extremely fast pace. Gearing up to enter the global market, the integration of diversified technology, culture, and management has become a priority,” Sam Zeng, General Manager of DEKRA China Process Safety & Organizational Reliability explains. Against this backdrop, establish ­ ing an HSE management system at Wanhua Chemical that can be used at its overseas plants has become an essential requirement to improve HSE in the long term. To this end, DEKRA has designed an innovative three -step implementation plan, including identify ­ ing a risk profile, designing a system framework, renewing a systematic audit protocol, optimizing workflow, and developing documents in the future. As early as 2014, DEKRA provided safety culture assessment services to Wanhua Chemical. To help prevent accidents at its plants

Precision and process safety are two central pillars of the chemical industry.

processing hazardous chemicals, Wanhua Chemical cooperated with DEKRA to pro ­ mote its safety culture. About 3,800 people in the factories in Yantai and Ningbo participated in a comprehensive survey. After the survey, focus groups, interviews, and action plan sessions followed. As a result, Wanhua Chemical implemented a series of measures to improve the safety culture and built its facilities with safety in mind. Since 2018, DEKRA has established a close relationship with Wanhua Chemical to improve process safety management at factories in Yantai, Ningbo, and Zhuhai. “DEKRA took a holistic approach backed by a portfolio of services addressing every aspect of health, safety, and the environment,” says Sam Zeng. He continues:

“We worked closely with Wanhua Chemical to design tailored solutions to central issues, such as maintaining physical and mental health, protecting the environment, and preventing risks.”

DEKRA not only assisted Wanhua Chemical in complying with legal requirements, but also applied global process safety expertise to develop and support an effective, integrated process safety management program that is specific to Wanhua Chemical’s needs. In line with high standards of safety and in order to cater to the needs of Wanhua Chemical even better in the future, DEKRA has combined extensive expertise in all key technological and environ ­ mental aspects. Since Wanhua Chemical needs to protect its operational business environment, data, people, and processes, DEKRA continues to be in close contact and discussion with senior management and project teams. Both parties combine resources to develop a robust approach to safety, and strive to achieve a perfect balance between the needs of Wanhua Chemical and the philosophy, methods, and international best practices of DEKRA .