DEKRA stands for social responsibility


At DEKRA, Klettwitz and Lausitzring are synonyms for one of the world’s largest inspection and testing centers for automated and connected driving

DEKRA also helps people change to e-mobility

It also provides conventional support for qualifications, such as for driving forklifts

And for alternative energy sources with safety tests on wind turbines

Sustainability is an important factor for success: the growing social importance of sustainability is the background against which DEKRA continues to expand its activities. This includes internal sustainability management as well as related services that allow our customers to act more sustainably themselves. In 2019, with a view to its 100th anniversary in 2025, DEKRA expanded its sustainability management in the key areas of the environment, human resources, the value-­added chain, and reporting. Sustainability management is integrated in the entire Group. Sustainability programs are being implemented worldwide.

Environmental and Climate Management


The internal environmental and climate management has been expanded globally and firmly established by a Group -wide network of Environmental, Health, Safety (EHS) managers. Data is being recorded worldwide for optimization potential. Examples of this are an energy efficiency program that focuses on buildings, the expansion of electricity purchasing from renewable energies, more sustainability on business trips, and the promotion of digital communication and paperless processes.

Our Employees

DEKRA is committed to its social responsibility. In 2019, a global policy statement on respect for human rights was adopted as part of the DEKRA social standards. We used a global survey to expand the dialog with our employees. It included top ­ ics such as “diversity” and “collaboration”. We identified our “Behaviors For Success” – that is, the basic values on which we work together.


DEKRA has encouraged interaction with outside stake ­ holders such as the German Business Ethics Network on areas such as social compliance and human rights, sustainability in the supply chain, and sustainable mobility. For several years, DEKRA sustainability management has satisfied the criteria of the German Sustainability Code (DNK). DEKRA is audited regularly by external organizations and in 2019 was awarded the silver medal by EcoVadis.


An organizational realignment in 2019 will also contribute to further progress in DEKRA sustainability management. The division of the business into eight regions and eight Service Divisions will increase internal efficiency and contribute to the sustainable development of the company.

Sustainability Services

DEKRA supports its customers world ­ wide with a wide range of offers in corporate social responsibility (CSR). The range of services has been expanded considerably. Now there are 37 services in eleven areas. For example, DEKRA experts advise and examine everything related to corporate sustainability reporting, collect and examine environmental indicators, or perform energy efficiency audits. The services also include sustainability assessments – from products to buildings to professional sports clubs.

DEKRA is committed to its social responsibility and in 2019 adopted a worldwide policy statement on respect for human rights.


For many years, DEKRA has supported the German Bundesliga referees: both stand for neutrality and expert knowledge

The DEKRA Award is presented each year for innovative ideas for more safety

DEKRA’s technical acceptance ensures equal competitive conditions for the DTM

With a standard for micromobility that includes more than 120 test points, DEKRA insists on safety and sustainability, also for e-scooters

Challenging tasks, good prospects, and attractive working conditions characterize DEKRA as an employer.

Future proof

DEKRA stands for future-proof jobs. The skills of our employees are as diverse as the company’s remit and services. The spectrum ranges from test engineers, experts and company doctors to sales staff, controllers, IT experts, auditors and trainers, to project or process managers.


A safe career – that’s what DEKRA offers its employees. The opportunity to contribute to the safety of people all over the world attracts young talent as well as professionals. DEKRA is particularly attractive for dedicated experts in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, process engineering, civil engineering, computer science, economics, and industrial engineering.


Connected by common values, DEKRA employees are committed to the DEKRA vision of becoming a global partner for a safe world with expertise, responsibility, and passion. DEKRA offers its employees a work environment where they can feel comfortable and develop. In addition to exciting projects and tasks, there is an atmosphere of appreciation, flexible working time models, attractive remuneration, and a balanced relationship between work and private life.


DEKRA encourages the expertise of its employees. The International Advancement Program prepares young people for international tasks and assignments.


The managers and their teams analyzed the results of a global employee survey in more than 1,000 team dialogs and came up with measures to improve leadership and communication.


DEKRA demands entrepreneurial thinking, determination, social skills, and the ability to focus on customer service and to work independently.

Encourage and challenge - based on the principle DEKRA supports its employees in their careers. This also opens the door to opportunities for international assignments.


For many years, DEKRA has supported the German Bundesliga referees: both stand for neutrality and expert knowledge

The DEKRA Award is presented each year for innovative ideas for more safety

DEKRA’s technical acceptance ensures equal competitive conditions for the DTM

With a standard for micromobility that includes more than 120 test points, DEKRA insists on safety and sustainability, also for e-scooters

For almost 100 years, DEKRA has been an independent expert organization committed to the safety of people. Here is a selection of initiatives and campaigns.

Accident research

Crash tests as part of a research project by DEKRA accident research and traffic accident research by the University Medical Center Göttingen have confirmed the high level of safety of standard electric vehicles. The conclusion: electric vehicles are not inferior to conventionally powered vehicles in terms of safety.

Road safety report

The twelfth DEKRA Road Safety Report is dedicated to the subject of “children in traffic”. In it, DEKRA pleads for the advances and experiences from Germany and Europe to be applied to other regions of the world.


The DEKRA Vision Zero Award goes to the city of Lüdenscheid in North Rhine -Westphalia. For the fourth time, DEKRA is honoring a city that has not had a single fatality in urban traffic for seven consecutive years.


The DTM is stopping at the Lausitzring for the 20th time in the 2019 racing series. DEKRA is the owner and operator of the Lausitzring and is also responsible for the technical acceptance of the vehicles participating in all DTM races. This makes DEKRA responsible for compliance with the technical regulations.


With the “Safety needs brains” campaign, DEKRA has been advocating the safety of children starting school in Germany for 15 years. Now DEKRA subsidiaries in other countries, including Sweden, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and South Africa, are also participating. So far, approximately 2.75 million signal red safety caps have been distributed to first graders.


E-scooters are on the road in many countries – and can now be registered in Germany. DEKRA has developed a micro -mobility safety standard for e-scooter rentals and advises cities and companies on all the important aspects such as registration, insurance coverage, driver’s licenses, helmets, and product quality.

Trust Center

DEKRA is launching the Trust Center initiative. The data trust concept requires that safety and environment related data generated by vehicles be made available to inspection organizations in an unfiltered state. Otherwise, the proper condition and safety of vehicles cannot be guaranteed in the digital world.


At the renowned DEKRA Award 2019, DEKRA introduced an innovation: in the new “Startups” category, the winner is determined by an audience vote. With the award, DEKRA honors top performance and innovations in the service of safety in the categories of safety on the road, at work, and at home.

With safety firmly in view, DEKRA advocates unfiltered access to relevant digital vehicle data with its trust center initiative.