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Igor Di Beo

How efficiently can claims be processed?

AXA Seguros Brasilien

Chief Underwriting Officer und Head of Claims
In looking for a company to process AXA Brazil’s extended warranty claims, Igor Di Beo wanted a partner that could cut down on processing time. DEKRA’s solution involving 80 testing stations across the country fit the bill in more ways than one.

Even a broken coffee machine can cause somebody to smile if they purchased an extended warranty when they bought it.

As a claims settlement specialist, DEKRA handles the tests and issues the credits.

When buying a new household appliance – whether an iron, mixer, or washing machine – customers in Brazil have the option of purchasing an extended warranty from insurance provider AXA. If it comes to a claim, DEKRA supports AXA in helping customers have their device repaired or replaced – quickly and efficiently.

Gabriela normally awakens to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. But on this dreary Mon ­ day morning, there is no coffee smell when her alarm finally goes off. Still drowsy from sleep, she realizes that the timer on the coffee machine has given up the ghost. Luckily, when Gabriela bought the coffee machine a year and a half ago, she also purchased an extended warranty from AXA. For a whole range of electrical household products – from irons and mixers, to washing machines and refrigerators – AXA Brazil offers extended warranties in collaboration with retailers across the country. If a product breaks within the warranty period, and its price is under 300 reals, or roughly 65 euros, the customer is given a voucher for a replacement. DEKRA (which is a claims management specialist, amongst other things) takes care of testing, issuing the vouchers, and more. When Gabriela leaves her apart ­ ment for work, she also packs up the broken coffee machine. During her lunch break, she brings it to a DEKRA station where a service employee tests it right away. The verdict: broken, as suspected. Gabriela receives a voucher for a replacement, which she redeems on her way home in the evening. It wasn’t always so easy for consumers, says Igor Di Beo, Chief Underwriting Officer and Head of Claims at AXA Seguros Brazil. “In the past, customers had to bring the broken item to a repair shop and wait around a week for an assessment to be completed. They had to go back to the shop again to get a voucher for a replacement. The waiting time was simply too long,” Di Beo says. AXA therefore went looking for a new partner to handle warranty claims and interviewed several companies.

The goal was to come up with an innovative approach to deal with warranties quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, AXA wanted an approach that would underline its image as a partner, and not just as an insurance company that pays out claims. Di Beo:

“In the end, we decided to go with DEKRA. The company showed a high degree of innovation in coming up with a solution that leverages its widely established network of 80 testing stations across Brazil. Plus, the immediate identification of a warranty case is a real boon to good customer service.”

For products with a price tag higher than 300 reals, DEKRA organizes repairs in a certified shop. Similarly, for items that cannot be brought to a DEKRA station – for example because of their weight or bulky size – DEKRA arranges an on-site visit, although other options such as a videocall center assessment are also possible. In any case, customers can be assured that they receive the highest-quality repair. DEKRA officially commenced services for AXA at the end of November 2019. Di Beo says AXA’s customers have commented on the difference, particularly noting the improvement in turnaround times. Products that have been deemed faulty – like Gabriela’s coffee maker – are kept at the DEKRA testing stations and are collected at regular intervals for environ-mentally responsible disposal. That’s especially good news for the environment, considering that the 80 DEKRA stations are fore-cast to take care of 45,000 claims per year. When Gabriela gets home, she unboxes the new coffee machine and immediately sets it up to brew her coffee the next morning. When the smell of coffee wafts into her bedroom on Tuesday morning, she knows the day is off to a good start. Life is back to normal for Gabriela – thanks to the excellent service provided by DEKRA.