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The digitalization of mobility raises entirely new questions. We provide the answers.

Vice president of ADAC

Chairman of the Management Board DEKRA e.V. and DEKRA SE, CEO

With around 21 million members, ADAC is far and away the largest automobile association in Germany, and is also the second largest in the world. For Ulrich Klaus Becker, Vice President of ADAC, the situation is clear:

“From the consumer’s point of view, it is unacceptable for the manufacturers to make decisions about the usage of vehicle data single-handedly. It is the vehicle owner who must have the control over their data.”

The ADAC is therefore demanding that the EU introduce a statutory regulation concerning free access to vehicle data which is also independent of the manufacturer. Vehicle owners should be able to control their data as they see fit. This means that they decide whether the data can be released to third parties, and they profit if it is marketed by companies with data -based business models. The demands of the ADAC also include a requirement to inform

the vehicle owners what data is actually collected and how often it is transferred. In accordance with its statutory function, vehicle safety is the focus for DEKRA. DEKRA is therefore demanding unfiltered access to all safety and environment-related vehicle data. This is because, without this data, a DEKRA expert would not be able to state reliably in court whether an accident was caused by the driver or by a driver assistance system. For this reason, DEKRA has launched the Trust Center initiative. The aim is to establish a data custodian that is independent of the manufacturer.

“For an independent inspection, we require data that is complete, unmodified, and does not come from the manufacturer’s back-end database,”

states DEKRA CEO Stefan Kölbl, emphasizing the need for a Trust Center. This is because it is only with the help of this type of data custodian that DEKRA will con ­tinue to be able to perform its official mandate in the future and ensure vehicle safety in a connected world.

As computers on wheels, vehicles produce a huge amount of data. But who does it really belong to? And who should be able to access what data when? ADAC and DEKRA have clear solutions for this data dilemma that take the consumer/driver into consideration.

Employees are the company’s most important resource.

Member of the Management Board DEKRA SE, CFO, HR and Organizational Excellence awards the prize to the winning team of the traditional DEKRA soccer tournament.

“People focus is a core value at DEKRA,” explains Chairman Wolfgang Linsenmaier. “The expertise, inventiveness, and reliability of our employees are our most important resources.” It is for this reason that DEKRA nurtures a culture of trust and community.

Employees are given the freedom to help shape the future of the company and to prove their entrepreneurial flair. That is why DEKRA creates networking opportunities for exchanging knowledge and experience.

“Every day, our employees dedicate themselves – using their expertise, passion, and sense of responsibility – to the matter of safety in many relevant areas of life. This is what has enabled DEKRA to keep growing over many years.”

To ensure this doesn’t change, DEKRA works continuously to maintain a working environment in which its employees have a sense of well-being. An environment with stimulating projects and tasks. But an environment in which work life is compatible with family life, as well. What’s more, DEKRA encourages every employee to develop their skills, and provides opportunities for personal development – including internationally across five continents. Yet there are also expectations:

“Our employees always remain neutral and unbiased, and they adhere to laws and ethical principles,”

explains Board member Wolfgang Linsenmaier in a nutshell. DEKRA employees also set an example in terms of safety-conscious behavior. They look for and recognize areas with the potential for further improvement, as well as new business opportunities. They demonstrate teamwork and respect with every action and are willing to exchange knowledge. And as a global company, DEKRA is well aware of how important diversity and equal opportunity are for a business to succeed. Approximately 90 ­different nationalities, a good balance of ages and a constantly growing percentage of women – these aspects all speak for the successfully vibrant culture of diversity at DEKRA.

Soccer tournaments, ski cups, biker meetings – at DEKRA, there are many occasions for getting together outside of the workplace. The vibrant culture of the company comes to the fore at these events, but they also show that DEKRA appreciates its employees.

Together we are on the path toward making mobility related issues such as automated driving a reality.

Head of Autonomous Mobility Solutions ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Member of the Management Board DEKRA SE, COO, Regions and Sales, Head of Region Germany

With around 150,000 employees in 40 countries, ZF primarily supplies systems for car and commercial vehicle mobility. One focus of further development is digital networking and automation: ZF allows vehicles to see, think, and act.

“We are a sought-after partner when it comes to realizing automated driving,” explains Torsten Gollewski. “This is due to our comprehensive system solutions when it comes to sensors, computing power, software, and actuators.”

The Group, which is headquartered in Friedrichshafen by Lake Constance, regularly presents innovations as part of their ZF Technology Days. The one -week event took place at DEKRA’s premises in 2019 – at the DEKRA Lausitzring in Klettwitz, which is part of the DEKRA Technology Center.

ZF spent one week presenting its solutions for “Next Generation Mobility” in front of national and international media representatives and customers. The focus here was on hybrid and electric drives for cars, system solutions for auto ­ mated driving, as well as integrated safety and innovative chassis technology. Situated around 60 kilometers north of Dresden, the tracks and infrastructure of the DEKRA Lausitzring are ideal for these types of events.

„The combination of technology center, test track, and race track is not only an innovation site for mobility of the future, but also a perfect event venue,” reports Board member Clemens Klinke.

The DEKRA Lausitzring is already the largest manufacturerinde ­ pendent testing center in Europe when it comes to automated driving. DEKRA covers all aspects of testing there – from simulation and reproducible tests to field trials on the track. Nevertheless, DEKRA is continuing to expand its portfolio. The expansion of the test tracks is being driven forward this year with the establishment of test facilities for connected driving functions.

A new ecosystem for mobility of the future is currently emerging in Germany. Manufacturers, suppliers, research facilities, and expert organizations such as DEKRA ensure that mobility of the future is not only highly automated, but also safe.